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In this article I will guide you how you could find the best invitation card place and how it is easy to access. So, first of all, you need to decide where to get the invitation from. Next, you need to decide on the design. What should be the design of a wedding invitation? First of all, it must correspond to the concept of the wedding. Classic invitations with traditional decoration (images of wedding rings, swans, veils and groom’s bow ties, etc.) are the best option for a classic wedding in the banquet hall. But things change with time. If you are planning a custom wedding or a standard one, but in an unusual place, it is better to order (or do it yourself) creative wedding invites online.

If, for example, the wedding will be on a motor ship, then the main invitation card can be made in the shape of a boat, and use river or sea motifs in the design of the card. When inviting to a wedding in the Russian style, you can order invitations in the form of, for example, nesting dolls or in the form of a scroll, which are placed inside a decorative matryoshka tube.

When planning a youth wedding event à la beer party, order invitations in the shape of a beer bottle, on the label of which there is a photo of the future newlyweds and basic information about the upcoming event. In a word, it is possible and necessary to use imagination in order to make it clear to the guests at the stage of the invitation that something extraordinary awaits them you can get all in one wedding invitations!

You don’t have to worry because all designs available on the website of BasicInvite. Already themed template will help you to choose a suitable design for your event. By the way, other places can be noted on the map: the bride’s house, the groom’s house, their common home, the place where the future newlyweds met and where the marriage proposal was made. A separate card in the form of an article of clothing can be designed to inform guests about the dress code: a card in the form of a tailcoat will make it clear that it is advisable to come to the wedding in formal attire. A jeans-style card and corresponding text informs that an informal style of clothing is possible – preferably jeans (a wedding in jeans is not such a rarity today).

If the wedding is themed, then the style of dress of the guests must correspond – and this must also be reported in advance, preferably not by phone, but directly in the invitation.

All this can be done with your own hands, including the main envelope. This option will cost less than ordering invitations and perhaps even buying standard postcards, but it will take a lot of time. Making invitations with your own hands is only worthwhile if the groom and / or the bride have such skills, since wedding invitations should not only be stylish and original, but also of high quality, neatly Designed.

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